To SUP or Size to SUP

To SUP or Size to SUP ? Of course we are going to SUP, just what size board will fit us best? If you are new to the sport or have been paddling for a few years, I’m sure you have heard of many ways to fit a board to your weight. We have an engineering version of your weight times some number plus x equals the proper volume board to paddle. Others, mainly sales guys will tell you this board is perfect for you and the price is right.
There are also many variables to consider when measuring a board to fit your size. What is your ability, beginner, intermediate, advanced? For fun, fitness, touring, yoga, race or surf? What if you want to do more than one, is there a board size to fit just one category. Nope, not at all. There are many sizes to consider and shapes for what will fit your needs.
Let’s first get this size consideration in proper perspective. The best way to find out what fits you best is to paddle many different boards. This will allow you to feel the different shapes, sizes and designs. The goal here is what do you feel most comfortable on. Having board time will not only get you to a comfort level, it will also help you make an educated decision when buying the right board. Getting some good advice from a person that has been around the board industry and paddling most of their life will help you eliminate the guess work. These boards are expensive, so why just buy one off the shelf to see if is what you want. Buy with an educated decision.
Over the last five years, many surfers who have crossed over from prone paddling to stand up paddling have designed their own USA made boards. Some have just bought off the shelf boards and others have had experienced board builders build a custom board for their weight and ability. We have all experimented with different sizes and shapes. Most of us are getting better in the surf making our boards smaller and some wider. Other long distant paddlers have gone from a surf style paddle board to a touring race displacement chisel nose board. This board has grown in length from 12′ to 14′ to 18′ plus. For those who paddle outside the surf break, longer is better. Why restrict your glide? Length rules! I prefer a 16′ standamaran, I like thinking out of the box. Regardless of your ability and weight, knowledge is keen. Find a bonified waterman with surfing and boating experience, someone who paddles and builds boards are always a plus. Better yet, find someone that has a lot of different boards that will allow you to demo boards. Trying out different boards will hone in your paddling skill and help you make and educated decision when purchasing a board. Buy a board you will be able to grow into and not out of. These boards aren’t cheap, so get what counts. We will always be stoked no matter what board you purchase. Buying a SUP Board will bring you countless hours of fun!