SUP Paddle

The SUP Paddle is made with an engineered design. Think of it like a Tesla automobile which is also an engineered design to run off of electricity. The SUP paddle is designed with a 10 degree upward angle that pushes water down when starting your stroke in front of yourself that creates an uplift to your board pulling it up and out of the water. This uplift will get your board riding on top the water making it easier to paddle which is key to keeping the easy glide in motion. One of the most important factor is to keep that paddle in the position it was designed to be used, creating an uplift.

Most people are new to this sport and has naturally assumed to use the paddle like a kayak paddle. Stand up paddle boarder stands up and a kayaker sits down. Kayaker are allowed to paddle with a long stroke starting in front of themselves and ending behind themselves. Where as a stand up boarder starts in front of themselves and eds the stroke 12 inches before themselves. For this reason alone, if you paddle past yourself the 10 degree angle of the blade will now push water up creating the nose of your board to dive into the water. This will slow you down.
Another part of this stoke which is the main course is the direction the paddle moves in the water. Think of a pendulum, only use a quarter or that arch. Fast, slow, easy, hard and especially ending deep in the water will create a stroke that is way more efficient and very powerful, more than a kayak stroke. The hardest part of this stroke is learning new muscle memory and creating new muscles is no easy task. Paddling the correct way on a repetitive cycle will create new muscle memory while having fun.

Try it, what do you have to lose?