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Basic SUP Information

Purchasing a SUP Board

Wether you are new to the SUP sport or have been paddling for years, you no doubt have heard of numerous ways to fit a board to your weight. It is important for you to have the ultimate experience while Stand Up Paddling. Therefore, we use an engineering equation to best suit a board to you.

  • Many variables should be considered when measuring a board to fit your size.
  • What is your athletic and/or SUPing ability?
  • What are your goals to participate in the sport of SUP: fun, fitness, touring, yoga, race or surf?
  • Is there a board size to fit just one category?
  • Did you know many sizes and shapes are available on the market to consider?

Let’s first get this size consideration in proper perspective. The best way to find out what fits you best is to paddle many different boards. This will allow you to feel the different shapes, sizes and designs to determine your comfort level with each option. Eliminate the guess work by getting expert advice from a person who has been around the board industry and paddling most of their life.

Over the last five years, many surfers who have crossed over from prone paddling to stand up paddling have designed their own USA made boards. Some have bought off the shelf and others commissioned experienced board builders to build a custom board designed for their weight and ability. We have all experimented with different sizes and shapes. Most of us are getting better in the surf making our boards smaller and some wider. Other long distant paddlers have gone from a surf style paddle board to a touring race displacement chisel nose board. This board has grown in length from 12′ to 14′ to 18′ plus.

Group Paddling

For those who paddle outside the surf break, longer is better. Why restrict your glide? Length rules! I prefer a 16′ Standamaran, I like thinking out of the box. Regardless of your ability and weight, knowledge is keen. Find a bonified waterman with surfing and boating experience, someone who paddles and builds boards are always a plus. Better yet, find someone that has many boards for you to demo. Trying out different boards will hone in your paddling skill and help you make an educated decision when purchasing a board. Buy a board you will be able to grow into and not out of. These boards aren’t cheap, so get what counts. We will always be stoked no matter what board you purchase. Buying a SUP Board will bring you countless hours of fun!

New and seasoned paddlers have the opportunity to improve stroke techniques through our race prep classes. This allows you to compare your stroke before and after your course is complete. Paddling with the Brockfish himself allows your experience to excel with high-end equipment. Boards and paddles are always available to use in future races.

Brockfish USA Made Boards are here for the keeping and once you ride one, your hooked!

Go Stand Up Paddle has some of the BEST Quality Boards and Paddles available at DISCOUNTED PRICING!

We have New NSP SUP Race touring Boards in stock that are super easy and fast. Try out our Demo Paddle and find the board you prefer to paddle.  Please ask questions; SUP education is what we specialize in. We strongly suggest to call ahead which will help us both schedule a perfect time for you and your group’s paddle board availability. 

We also carry:

  • NSP Boards
  • Paddles from Kialoa
  • C4
  • Cargo Net Suction Cup Organizers


SUNSET AND NIGHT PADDLES: Call for Reservations (602) 920-0999

Sup Info


  • Allow us to schedule in your dream paddle
  • Summer season: Wednesdays through Sundays
  • Large groups by appointment only
  • Call in advance to reserve your paddle spot
  • Before and after hours paddling for the hard core
  • Saturday SUP Fitness Class
  • Sunday Long Distance SUP Cardio Paddle
  • 7pm Full Moon Night Paddles before and after the full moon
  • Why wait for a full moon; night paddles are awesome all the time
  • Bring Fido any time you go for a paddle, lessons are free for Fido. 

Book your board now!

Stand Up Paddle Board Arizona is here! Go Stand Up Paddle Arizona is located at Bartlett lake Marina 20808 E Bartlett Dam Rd, AZ 85263. This sport has become the fastest growing water sport world wide. Our Go Stand Up Paddle Team of Certified Instructors in the greater Phoenix area have created a number of fun ways to teach this exciting sport with many options available several days a week. We will take you from a basic beginner to a SUPer core fitness workout while in preparation to race or just have fun. Stand Up Paddle is the best full body, optional impact, core work out on the water with a smile.

Bartlett Lake Marina is about an 60- 90 minutes from downtown Phoenix, AZ.

Want to rent a board to paddle and related equipment on a lake other than Bartlett Lake? Give us a call at 602-920-0999.