The SUP Paddle is made with an engineered design. Think of it like a Tesla automobile which is also an engineered design to run off of electricity. The SUP paddle is designed with a 10 degree upward angle that pushes water down when starting your stroke in front of yourself […]

SUP Paddle

Dog Stand Up Paddle boarding in Arizona
Paddle boarding with your best friend can be the best fun and the most challenging at times. All dogs love to swim but best of all they love to be with you. Hanging out with you is their job in life, please take me with you, PLEASE! When you come […]

SUP with your PUP

To SUP or Size to SUP ? Of course we are going to SUP, just what size board will fit us best? If you are new to the sport or have been paddling for a few years, I’m sure you have heard of many ways to fit a board to […]

To SUP or Size to SUP